zaterdag 4 augustus 2012

Baby Erika, genoemd naar mijn dochter ...(tekst geschreven door mijn dochter...)

Baby Erika

Today a newborn got named after me! :-) Erika... She'll probably
become an engineer, midwife or worldleader.

Normally I have a one-on-one talk with the babys when I take care of
them after birth. I want to make sure that they'll start of with a
positive mind. I ensure them that their life-path is still open and that they can follow any direction. I tell them that they have a pure heart and that it won't change over time. They won't be victims of the society they're born in, or of karma or any other believe.

This time it was me that needed a private talk. She grabbed my hands firmly while I was dressing her, not willing to let go. With bright, attentive eyes she looked at me like she knew what she was doing. She seemed to have a wise energy over her being. It felt like she wanted to say: "I'll be fine friend. Don't worry! I'll be the change this world needs. Go on,
continue your work, I already made a good start. Thank you."

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