zaterdag 5 mei 2012

5 mei, dag van de "vroed"-vrouw

Mijn wens is...

No mother should have to risk her life or that of her unborn baby by going through childbirth
without expert care. Yet every year 48 million women give birth without the support of someone
with recognised midwifery skills.
The consequences of this are tragic. Over 350,000 women die each year as a result of preventable
maternal causes. Millions more suffer infection and disability. Families are devastated.
Every year over 800,000 newborn babies die during childbirth, and more than 3 million babies die
before they are one month old. More than 7.6 million children die before the age of 5. Almost all
of this is readily preventable with proper midwifery care.
That’s why we say every childbearing woman should have access to a midwife’s care. The evidence
shows that it’s the most effective way to reach Millenium Development Goals 4&5 targeted at
reducing maternal, neonatal and infant deaths worldwide.
It is why the world needs midwives now more than ever. Midwives Save Lives.
International Day of the Midwife
5 May 2012
Midwives save lives
Strengthening Midwifery Globally

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